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Can't find my main quest!!

Apr 19, 2009
Okay, now I'm having trouble remebering and finding where I last left off in Grizzlehiem. I have taken a year hiatus from W101, and now that I am catching up, I'd like to continue my adventures in GH! The character I am having this problem with is on my lright nosevl 59 Grandmaster Death character, Ryan DeathHeart. I know i left off somewhere in the Virgrid Roughland somewhere but I dont know who had my story line! Idk if I declined the quest, and wanted to wait for later, or if I just am experiencing a glitch. I need some real guidance now as to what I should do. :(

I am almost caught up to these parts of the world on my Balance Master, Alia SpiritHeart, but have not yet run into this problem.

- Alia SpiritHeart, Ryan DeathHeart

Hello Alia,

There are a few ways you can get back on track.

1) Use the in-game quest finder to find any quests in an area that you may have missed.

2) Use this guide to find where you may have left off:

3) If you use these and still find yourself needing help finding your quest, you can send an email to support@wizard101.com and they will assist you further.

Good luck!