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Can GH be an atlernative to DS?

Apr 07, 2010

I am currently a level 43 storm wizard leveling in Dragonspire. The experience gain in Dragonspire is terribly slow. I am wondering...

1. If it would be faster to level in the higher zones of Grizzleheim?

2. If so can I just go to the higher zones or do I need to complete the lower zones first?

Any constructive imput would be appreciated. Thank you :)

Grizzleheim may be experienced at different levels of game play and does not progress the same way as other worlds on the Spiral. Instead, Grizzleheim is a parallel world and a place where players return at various levels of experience.

Areas of Grizzleheim are on par with Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone and MooShu. For a higher level player, working your way through these easier areas can be a little tedious, but you'll progress quickly due to your strength and in no time you'll be facing formidable enemies.