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Can anyone help me?

Jun 18, 2009
Hello, I am Taylor Goldflame in game (level 46), and I am here to ask for help

So, I recently started Wintertusk (and by recently I mean maybe a month ago) and I'm stuck on the quest "Out Clubbing". No matter what I try, I cannot defeat Sulkir. So, I am posting this asking for help. If you can, please respond with your IGN, when you can help, and what realm should I look for you in. Thanks, Taylor

Jun 01, 2013
I'll help you if you help me and plus it'll be easy to help you i'm from fire school to i'm trying to get level 58 fire quest for new spell and pet i'm level 57 I just started Wintertusk too i'm trying to defeat Nali to open a gate to the second son of the ice triton.