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Bug that won't let you continue Vestrilund

Jul 20, 2009
For some reason after I finished the quest "That Was Easy" and got the quest to go into Freyda's cave I went into her cave and turned in "Sing A Warsong". However after I turned that quest in and got the quest "Warriors Three" I left the cave and realized it wasn't in my quest journal so I went back to her cave only to realize that it won't let me back in and I have no quests left to do in Wintertusk except for the Runestone and Trogg quests. Now i cannot continue the Wintertusk quest line, I think this is a glitch because of the previous update to the game that makes it so you can't decline main quests.( Even though winterusk is kind of a side world.) If this has happened to you and you know how to fix it please respond to this and answer me. Also if it is a bug Wizard101 needs to fix it because i don't want anyone else to have to wait for days just to get to play in Wintertusk again like me. Anyways if you do go to Freyda's cave double check you got the quest before you leave or else you might not get to continue the quest line. If you do know the answer to my problem please answer it and you will have done your good deed for the day. Thanks for the help.