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Boss Othin Stormfarther

Jun 01, 2009
I think this is one boss that was forgotten about when they fixed the changes. There are 4 bosses in this fight, 4,200 hp... We managed after many deaths to kill all 4 of them however we "didn't kill them in the right order" and did not get the credit for our target kill, whom died first. I know that when you flee a fight that you lose all your rights to items or credits from said fight. I just think that if your going to stuck a room full of bosses for Level 50's to kill even, then which ever boss dies last should give credit to the player. Again, your out to kill us and suck the fun right out of the game. I will not go get a posse of people just to finish a quest where I don't even get exp for. Come on now. What does a wizard have to do to get a little help here? Would one of you like to come help us fight these bosses, and you know actually play the game?

May 19, 2009
the final boss's are not that hard, i who happen to be a level 50 ice wizard beat them with the help of three lv 30's countless times

Jun 01, 2009
yeah I get that you have to have an army of people... I just don't like that. I play this game with my husband and no one else. We don't make friends on here because everyone just wants something from you be it help or treasure cards. I'm saying that For just 2 people, both at level 50 to NOT be able to do this is a bit much.

Sep 14, 2008
Dec 23, 2008
ther4321 wrote:
I am sorry but that is the whole point of the game, to make friends


The point of the game is to have fun in an imaginary world. Meeting people along the way is one of the benefits, but it is not the point. Just because a game supports multiple online players does not mean that it should REQUIRE teaming, as this one does.

Jan 17, 2009
my husband and i have fought othin stormfather quite a few times, just the to of us. he being myth and life and me being death and storm, even though you may die one or two times, its still a challenge and can actually be fun. make of it what you want.