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Boss Othin Stormfarther

Aug 27, 2010
Ok Can someone please explain to me what order the four bosses have to be beat? Me and My Wife have to do the die, Heal with potion and tele back to the fight and well neither one of us got the credit. I gather that Othin has to be beat last, but what about the other three? And do we actually have to have all 4 slots filled in the boss chamber just to beat them? Me and my Wife have been doing all the quests together and have gotten credit after dieing and healing and teleporting back to the fight for almost all of them that we could do together. This was the only one where we did not recieve credit for the kills and we did beat all 4 of them.

May 27, 2009
There isn't really any "set order"to beat those four ravens. Teams I go in with usually have a Storm wizard along who sets up for taking them all out in one Storm Lord. If we don't have a Storm, we usually go for Stormfather first, since he deals the most damage, then the Death boss, then Fire and Life last. But, not knowing what school you and your wife play, it's hard to help with strategy. I am usually on Life or Balance, and playing support to the heavy hitters. Sounds like you and your wife both play offense, so maybe you want to get in with some other wizards, or one of you loads up on the treasure heals, dispels, shields, etc. to support the other who will do the big hits.

Jun 14, 2009
As Willowcreek stated, they can be killed in any order. It all depends on your strategy and the schools you and your team are.

When my team fought them, each of us took the opposite of our schools and killed them that way. Ex. I am myth, so I took Stormfarther (I believe he was storm), but you get the picture.

Regarding credit. You don't get credit for any kill unless they all have been killed and you've won.

Aug 27, 2010
We figured it out. Our problem was that we had beaten Othin Stormfather first and during the battle with the last three both of us had died within about 2 minutes of each other. I died first, Healed and ported back and then she followed suit. Well I believe the way it is set up is if you beat a Boss and he still has minions you have to fight and you die before the Minions are dead and someone is still in fighting them, you don't get any credit for the kill. Reason I say this is we healed up completely. Filled our Potion Bottles and she filled up on Treasure Cards and I redid my deck and we tried it again, but this time we saved orthin for last that way if one of us died halfway thru they could heal and come port back and still be able to fight the boss and get credit for the kill.

She has Balanace as her main School and I think Ice and Life as her 2nd and 3rd schools. I have Fire as my main and Storm as a Secondary as well as Myth. I just finished the myth school spells last night. We both usually use our Blade spells for attack and defense and she loads me and herself with the Elemental shields and I usually work on saving PIPs for my Biggest Damage Dealers and she follows suit after she has us well protected. Then we do the clean up with the smaller spells.