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Boss battle glitch with lothimn doombringer

Feb 14, 2009
When i enter the chamber i can get through two levels and when i try to go through the door after defeating the second round of guys i can not enter it. It looks as though my pet tried to teleport to the next area then he pops back in and i am just stuck there. If i leave i start all over and come to the same problem every time. I have tried removing all my cloths and items. Nothing seems to work. I can not complete this quest.

Also, since the update for GH a few weeks ago my game started crashing all the time. Anyone else having this problem? I have reinstalled fresh game files and reloaded all areas and still the same thing. It can happen at any time within a minute of logging in or after 5 or 10 minutes or so. I can be just sitting still, fighting or whatever. Crash.