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Bones of the Earth

May 19, 2012
The four cheating brothers at the end before you defeat the coven...a message pops up saying 'Tag, you're it!' during battle. How do you tell which brother is it, or is there a way? I noticed if you throw traps or dispels, etc, on the 'right' one, they don't retaliate with a spell, but if you throw anything on the wrong brother, they retaliate either with a Wraith, or Rebirth (without the absorbs), etc.

If you aoe them, they don't retaliate because you hit them all, but if you want to use traps to build up your attack, it would help to know which brother is 'it' during the fight. They are so big that on my screen I only see two thirds of their bodies, and don't see damage numbers or any other visible actions, etc that may occur near their heads.

I don't understand KI's need to make them so large. I'm using a pretty good sized wide screen monitor, so it's not that my screen is too small, it's that they see fit to limit our visibility in the game for some reason. I'd like the option to zoom out and see everything that goes on in the battle, but I guess that's too much to ask for.

I had two of the four brothers defeated already when servers went down for maintenance, and would have had all four down if it weren't for their cheating. The fight went on for much too long because of the cheats. When you enter the dungeon, it says it will take approximately two hours, and can probably be done sooner with a full party. Not likely! I was in there for nearly four hours until the servers went down. Very frustrating to get that close to the end of the dungeon, only to have to start it all over again because the battle took so long. :/