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Oct 04, 2009
After completing Wintertusk, I noticed that, when I looked at my badges, I had only defeated 8 bears! I didn't do many side quests, mainly because I am already legendary and that wouldn't give me much of a benefit. I collect badges, and seeing that after completing the WHOLE world and having 8 bears defeated isn't that good for me. Looking back at the areas, I noticed that the only bears I saw were bosses. I just want to know: How are we expected to get the bear badges (One requires 200 bears!) if there are only bear bosses in Wintertusk?!? Is there something I'm missing? Maybe there are bears in Grizzlehiem itself? I checked that too, but maybe I did miss something. Well, please reply if you found any bears that are REGULAR enemies or something else that will help me get that badge. Oh, and please dont say fight the bosses over and over....

Kevin Battlesword, Legendary Pyromancer

Aug 23, 2009
Bears are in GH as enemies, check the first area, Savstarss Pass-I know I spelled it wrong. There are a few other spots in GH/WT areas. But this is the one I use.

Nov 17, 2010
go to grizzleheim, there are many bears there to fight, they are also very easy.

i wondered about this also lol, until i found out that the badge doesnt have to be gotten in WT.