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Baldur Goldpaws/level 35 spell quest- help?

Feb 07, 2011
Baldur Goldpaws/level 35 spell quest- help?
Greetings, fellow wizards-

My Death wiz hit level 35 earlier today and was instructed by Mr. Lincoln to talk to Baldur Goldpaws... who (surprise!) had nothing for him. He is now level 38, and still, I've got nothing... Did I miss a quest somewhere? If so, which one? I'm a bit reluctant to go to DS and take on Malistaire, when I don't have my new spell... Any help would be much-appreciated.

Happy travels,

Vampire Val
Magus Necromancer

Sep 14, 2010
Re: Baldur Goldpaws/level 35 spell quest- help?
Have you completed Grizzleheim up to Mirkholm Keep? If not, you've gotta do more of Grizzleheim. Vognir Runethief is in Mirkholm Keep, so if you haven't done Grizzle up to that area, you have to start doing this world now so you can get your lvl 35 spell.

Jordan FireBringer, lvl 36 Fire
Elijah DeathBringer, lvl 8 Death
Patrick Star, lvl 1 Storm

Mar 18, 2009
Re: Baldur Goldpaws/level 35 spell quest- help?
Make sure you've completed the quest, "One in the Snout."