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an offer i cant refuse huh?

Aug 03, 2011
Don't think this is not related to grizzlehiem, because it involves one of its inhabitants: Baldur Goldpaws. While i was in Ravenscar, i completed a quest that involved getting a raven out of prison, after i completed the quest, Baldur Goldpaws told me to see him in Olde Town (because he said he had an offer i couldn't refuse). But when i got there, he had NOTHING. Is this some sort of prank, or is it a computer problem?

Jan 23, 2011
If you are level 55, he has a new spell quest for you to get. If you haven't at least gone to Sudrilund in Wintertusk, don't go to him. Probably you leveled up to 55 and hadn't done Sudrilund. Get to Sudrilund, then go to him. Quest completion: Su Su Sudrilund, get to Sudri before you get the quest. You have to go far into Sudrilund for it.

Andrew Stormblade, Myth, 71

Feb 17, 2011
Did you know that the level 35 spell quest that requires you to be in mirkholm keep and complete the first battle quest there used to require acsees to ravenscar and complete the first battle quest there? They changed ravenscar to mirkholm keep because ravenscar requires level 40 to enter, and that woulden't make much sence. They must of forgot to remove the old tutorial tip!

Jul 31, 2011