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Worried about my new plant!

Jun 25, 2012
So I have a nice garden, with a few pink and regular dandelions and some stinkweed elsewhere, so I decided to get a new plant. Since I'm a lever 4 gardener, I got a level 4 plant, Purple Grapes of Wrath. I thought I could just use gusty winds on the dandelions along with the new plant, but upon reading some other topics, I found out there were stronger pests than lightning bugs. I went to Charley, who I previously thought was the Krokotopia version of Farley, and saw some rank three pest removal spells. I pieced together that my dandelions were level one plants and they got rank 1 pests, my stinkweed were level two plants and they got rank 2 pests, so I'm thinking that since my Purple Grapes of Wrath is a level 4 plant, does it get rank 4 pests? Or just rank 3 pests? And if it does get rank 4 pests, would I be able to get a spell in Marleybone to protect against them, and where in Marleybone if so?

I can't believe I didn't think this through, and I'm worried I spent all my gold on something that I wouldn't be able to help.

Matthew Ironblood, level 30 Theurgist

Dec 18, 2010
Stop worrying.
The level of a plant doesn't match the rank of their pests
I have a level 7 plant, and they only get up to rank 4 pests.
Plus, I doubt that a level 4 gardener will be in Moosho, which is where you can get the rank 4 pest spell.