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Which plant takes the longest amount of time?

Jun 30, 2009
For me, it's the Fish on a Vine. About 2 weeks ago, I got one as a drop from the Trial of the Spheres. 2 days ago, I planted it. I've checked about an hour ago and it's about 5% on the way to becoming Young. Anyone else have this experience? Also, which plant takes the longest to grow for you?

Jan 21, 2011
For me, it would have to be, no doubt, couch potatoes. Even with four likes it takes FOREVER for them to get to Elder. King Parsleys are the next longest for me but they get to Elder relatively fast.

Feb 23, 2013
With Couch Potatoes I can get two full harvests per week, Five likes (Farm, Gnome, Pixie, Litter, Sandwich Setting)

I don't plant Deadly Ninja Pigs any longer, two weeks to get to mature then elder in a week. Lots of effort and wait but little reward.