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where are seeds the least costly

Jun 23, 2013
I am starting a new garden in my new house the m b royal estate and I wondering where I can buy seeds for the least amount of money. I can get to wizard city, krokotopia ,wysteria,and marleybone.P.S I could also use some tips on how to get money.

Sep 17, 2012
Seeds are generally cheapest in the Bazaar if they are available there.

Feb 26, 2012
Of course the absolute least costly way to get seeds is to "farm" for them. You can look up the kinds of seeds you want to get on Wizard101 Central Wiki, and see what creatures drop them and where they are, and then go fight the creatures until you collect seeds you want. It cost no gold to do this, and then you can also sell the other items you get farming to get the gold you want.

This also answers your second question of how to get gold -- find good bosses who drop good items to sell at the Bazaar. Fight the bosses, get the items, and sell them. Voila! you got gold.