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What is your favorite plant??

Apr 24, 2010
There are so many amazing plants out there, it may be hard to chose. But I think I like the boom shoorms best for now. They are just so funny when they exspodle!!! I love to watch them!!! I also like the pink dadilion, and the dissapragas. I pretty much like all of the plants!!! So if you are a gardener, what plants do you like???

Community Leader
My favorite so far are the Fly traps, They are silly and fun to watch. Although the snap dragons are growing on me .

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
I like the design of the Fly Traps, in all their different forms. I like how they follow you, like you are a plant snack.

Feb 15, 2009
May 22, 2009
For animation, my favorite is the evil snow peas. I just love the noise they make as the heads roll out of the pod.

As for rewards, I like the pink dandelion. I have gotten quite a few blood moss and black pearls from them.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 60 Life

Apr 02, 2010
Sep 11, 2010
Pink Dandelions make me rich.

Fickle Pickles make me smile.

Baby Carrots and Evil Snow Peas make me laugh out loud.

The Snap Dragons and Fly Traps look really good peering over the window ledge of the greenhouse, but I'd like them a lot better if they actually ate a few pests ...

and for all the watering Helephant Ears take, you'd think from time to time they'd suck it up and blow a shower or two across the garden ... or even better ... uprooted and trampled a few pests ...


"What's the green stuff between a Helephant's toes?"

Can't say much for the Prickly Cactus Bears ... would say a lot if they could flick an appendage and cast a few needles at a few ... pests ... ;)

Funny ... guess NOBODY and NO THING likes the poor poisonous Stinkweed, except of course, ... a few pests...;(

Mar 04, 2009
I really like prickly bear cactus. They are very cute, and they give yummy pet snacks! What could be better? Although I do love hiding in the ninja fig bushes. Tee-hee! :)

Mar 05, 2009
I haven't tried growing them all yet, but my favorite so far is the Prickly Bear Cactus. They produce TONS of pet snacks and seeds. And in my younger days I collected teddy bears, so they're just adorable rearing up for harvesting.

I've also got a few Stinkweed plots, though I have to keep them far away from my other plants. Surprisingly, they seem to really attract the pixies!

May 27, 2010
Maelstrom Snap Dragons they may be purple but they are cool, give awesome rewards, and look awesome at elder and they arent like a big challenge to take care off except when they have pests since they get garden imps

Nov 29, 2010
My favorite plant so far is the Boom Shroom. But I've only obtained one Boom Shroom, lots of Pink and normal Dandelions, and a few desparagus. I've looked at the Baby Carrots and they do look really cute. I've seen the King Parsley and I think that's just hilarious. But I still think the Boom Shroom tops the list. It's just so funny when they explode. I wish their explosion kept away the pests because now, everyday I see flies buzzing around my garden... I think my desparagus attracts them because it looks dead.

Feb 16, 2009
for me, 100% the Pink Dandelion!

I named it the Phoenix Flower, because when it dies of age, basically, when i harvest it at Elder, it is reborn!

I also call it Phillip sometimes. Don't ask.

Also, it gives normal Dandelions every time you harvest!

It is my favorite plant, because i never use crowns, and it is the only crowns plant i have. (boss drop)

I like Pink Dandelions.