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What happens if you never harvest elders?

Aug 21, 2009
Will elder plants remain elders forever, and free from any type of harm, as long as you never harvest them?

Dec 20, 2009
As a plant grows to an elder you can harvest it several times by walking up to it and clicking 'X'. Once you have harvested an elder it is gone forever. You can not revive it. There is a slim chance of getting a seed that was the same kind of the plant, but a greater chance in getting a new seed. I know this due to my BoomShroom. I had a BoomShroom named Boomy and it get into a elder. Sure enough I had harvested it many times before and got some seeds and Gardening XP. It was a sad sight to see the guy go but now he rests in peace. A plant will not grow back. You can get Reagents from harvesting and treasure cards too. I got a few of these things from Boomy.I know it is silly to name a plant (especialy in a game ) LOL. :-) Well I hope I helped. Have fun gardening!!!

~Elizabeth Heaven, Death school, level 26

P.S. Oh sorry I didn't answer your question. If you never harvest an elder but take care of it the elder will stay as an elder until death or harvest. It is best to just harvest it though. ;)

May 26, 2009
I think so. My dandelion has been elder for a week and hasn't developed any needs

Sep 20, 2009
Jan 21, 2010
ambybob wrote:
how do you harvest?

leave the gardening menu then get near the plant. if it is ready to harvest, and has no needs or pests, you can press the x button or click the plant, that will harvest it.