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Ways of the Gardening Master.

May 30, 2009
Hello, young wizards! If your here to learn about Advanced Gardening, you've come to the right place! This post has quite a lot of reading in it. But every word is worth it!

Before I share some classified secrets on the world of Gardening, I'm going to answer a few questions for you.

Q. Where do I put my garden?

A. It's good to put your Garden in your most important room, or Dormitory. Make sure you take care of them Everyday! ;)

Q. Where can I get some awesome seeds?

A. To get Master Seedlings, You can do something that young wizards call "Boss Farming" Boss Farming is where you fight advanced monsters to get their prizes, perhaps even a seedling! :-)

Q. Why does it take so long to level up in Gardening!

A. The Wizard101 Gardening relates to the Real world gardening. It requires Time & Patientice. Please DO NOT expect to be a Master Gardener in only a day or two :x. Infact, It took one of my wizards 3 Weeks to become an Adept!

-Ways of the Gardening Master-

1. A Special Room!
Put your plants in a special room in your home, or Dorm room. A room your always going into. If you don't consider this, you might forget about your plants. And they might die on you!

2. Choosing goes First!
It's most likely for a young wizard to only choose the good plants to level up faster. Please don't do this. It CAN help you level up, but it's NOT Needed. Tell me, would you rather have a beautiful plant garden? Or a clobbery mess of ugly and organized plants? :?

3. Inspiration is helpful!
Some young wizards already have planned out what their garden looks like. If you find a friend who is Very good at gardening, try to get ideas from them! DON'T STEAL OTHERS WORK! Have them teach you some ways on organizing your garden. 8)

Pests are your enemy in gardening. They kill your plants when your not active. (If you are level 40+, Go to Dragonspyre and fight some Bosses, you might get some "Pest Removal Treasure Cards") These are cards that are better than normal Pest Removal cards. But they cost 3x The Energy! ALWAYS Check your plants for swarms of Pests, Some pests are stronger than others, meaning it will cost more Energy to erase them!

5. Share your Garden. :-D
Invite some friends over to look at your garden, Try to get their best opinion! If they don't like it, ask them how you could improve it! Your friends are "Anti-Pests" They can tell you where pests are, Help you garden, And give ideas. All Master gardeners are people who:

*Have patientice
*Share it with others
*Take your time
*Take care of your plants.
*Erase pests.

If you can't do all of these, Then it might be a little harder to become a master gardener.

6. Check it!
YOU Are the owner of your Garden. If you have a friend who says "I don't like it! Change it! " Don't listen to them if you think your garden is perfect! Opinion's count, (of course) but not all opinions are positive. Make sure to make your Garden what you want it to be. Not because a friend demands you to change it!

7. Active Caring.
Make your Garden when your POSITIVE you will be online alot. Even if your online, Your pets can still die. DO NOT start a garden and then go inactive. Your plants will die and you won't gain any experience.

Thank you, Young wizard. For taking your time to read this guide. Honest opinions are appreciated!

Although this can help you level up faster, It's not entirely needed.

*Crown Seeds

These are special seeds designed by the Wizard101 Staff. They give 4.5x The EXP of a normal Seedling. (depending on your rank and what the crown seedling is). If you do not Enjoy Gardening and are impatient. This is what you might want to buy. Get it over with quickly (if your impatient).

-Aaron Anglebane

Mar 06, 2010
Very nice, though maybe a bit too much yelling I have two grandmaster gardeners and i think that this is a fairly good guide. However, number 7
Mattz5973 said:
Choosing goes First!
It's most likely for a young wizard to only choose the good plants to level up faster. Please don't do this. It CAN help you level up, but it's NOT Needed. Tell me, would you rather have a beautiful plant garden? Or a clobbery mess of ugly and organized plants?

Although this is true, there are two types of gardens. Ones that are made to look pretty, and those that are for the rewards. I have a garden with ninja figs, evil magma peas, and Maelstrom snap dragons, yet my house still looks fine. I don't even do this for xp, since i am grandmaster, i do it for reagents & mega snacks. Nice guide anyways though :D

Mar 18, 2009
If you are starting gardening at mid-level, you probably have at least 12 pink dandelions. Those 12 dandelions alone can take a wizard from level 1 to 6 in gardening in 1-2 weeks if only tending once a day.

If you switch to higher rank plants too early, you may get Rank 5 pests before you have the spell to combat them or even the income to buy the spell !!!

To me, pink dandelions are the fastest and easiest way to gain Gardening Ranks.

If you are starting gardening before mid-level, becareful. Gardening spells cost a lot up front, but pay for themselves later. It might be too much money to be effective at level 12.

Jul 20, 2010
Another thing for gardening, if you need to go somewhere for a week or so, give the plants in your garden one of each "need" spell to maximize the amount of time until they get needs. Then use a pest prevention spell that is high enough rank to keep away all of the pests that the plants can get. Lastly, place a lot of garden gnomes or other furniture that the plants like in the hope of getting them to elder so they can live until you get back.

-Isaac Drakegem
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