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Verdant Gardener

Jul 15, 2012
It would be neat if there were perks to being a verdant gardener. One of which would be similar to pvp pets, but a pet geared towards gardening. Possible traits could be chance of larger green globe, epic chance of -30 seconds of getting energy back, possible gardening spells the pet may make you capable of without spending the energy... Currently there is no advantage to achieving the verdant gardener rank. Having a little Harley next to me to help garden would be neat. Please take this into consideration when rolling out one of the next updates.

Jan 08, 2012
A dedicated gardening aid pet or two would be a welcome addition to the Spiral. But seeing this is only the second post in a month on the subject I am afraid the limited demand for a Garden Helping Pet will not inspire King's Isle to create one, or two. Oh well, wishing for them any way.

Oct 08, 2012
I must agree, if we are going to spend the time, effort, and energy gardening to attain such a high level there needs to be a decent reward for doing so. It seems to me the PVP'rs get more attention from our hosts than those who spend time in the game.
If not a pet at least something more worthwhile than a simple badge? A special housing item maybe? Something nice to display or even a special seed to grow? When you consider we have a choice of where to spend our daily allowance of energy, maybe a bonus to our energy would be nice, similar to a decreased time in regeneration.
Currently there usually isn't enough energy in my wizard to do all eight plots full plots in the Red Barn Farm, let alone the ninth behind the house, and I carry energy gear and over one hundred energy to do my gardening.
Do any of you have similar ideas or thoughts on this matter?

Mar 05, 2013
I'm going to chime in with some support, even though I haven't quite reached Verdant status yet. One more level to go. There should be some sort of reward other than a badge. For the Khrysalis 2 Crafting Quest we at least got to keep the Ornate Burrower Chair which occupies a respected place in one of my castles. Why not a reward for Verdant? Maybe it's in the offing and the geniuses at KingsIsle haven't let us in on it yet. Who can say?

Apr 16, 2014
I think it would be a great idea for us to win a special seed that drops rare reagents, tc's and mega snacks.
It takes a lot of hard work and buying a lot of energy to attain the highest level of gardening. There definitely should be some sort of reward along the way. I guess they figure the drops from the plants are reward enough.

Scarlet ShadowStone Level 84 Scarlet SwiftRiver Level 21

Mar 13, 2014
Perhaps some gardening levels could unlock a quest for special gardening gear. For example, at level 9 you might get a quest that rewards a hat that gives a bonus of maybe 6 energy to your green globe. At level 12 you could quest for a matching pair of boots that give 8 energy, and at level 15 another quest could give a robe that adds 10. Then at level 20 you might get a really tough quest for the Wand of Ultimate Verdance, that reduces all gardening spell costs by 33%.

Sep 01, 2009
Absolutely agree! When I reached Verdant, I thought it might be nice to receive something other than the badge. It took me almost 6 months, even with gardening gear. It's hard work to get to Verdant, and it would be wonderful if KI acknowledged that with more than a badge. I love the pet idea, or gear that's exclusive to Verdant gardeners.

May 22, 2012
Yes something is needed as a reward! Opening up all spells to those they can't access through being lower level is one thing they could add as well as gardening gear. I have a verdant Level 33 wizard(I think he's the one lol) and can't get anything from Zafaria and upwards.

How about gardening gear recipes for say the Splendid hat, robe and boots?

...or recipes to craft for high gardening energy rings and athames similar to the level of some the hat, boots and robes available.