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trouble with Una Moondancer quest

Feb 15, 2009
I am now a level 118 fire wizard and am currently in Mirage. I am also a level 16 gardener and I have yet to get the quest from Una Moondancer to unlock the gardener in Krys. No clue what I am missing. I have been to all the vendors in the spiral so far and have all the gardening spells that I know of and she still has nothing for me. Could someone please help me? Thanks

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Una doesn't directly lead you to Barley, defeating her just unlocks the quest that another NPC will offer you.

To get to the next gardener mole, head back to Bastion. Zaltanna the Mirrormask, the preying mantis who is standing near the world door, should have had two quests for you: one the main-line (Let's Bee Friends) and another called "Bring the Green." She'll say something about needing to restore the plant life in Bastion, then send you to the Last Wood for help with that. In the Last Wood, you'll talk to a mouse called Elizar Fireblade, and he'll send you out to find Barley...

Here's the wiki page for Barley, including links to his quests.


When Una sent you back to Zaltanna for help in finding King Pyat, Zaltanna would have offered Bring the Green at that time if you were already past level 15 in gardening experience. Anyway, Zaltanna is the one you want to talk to.

Hope that helps you sort it out.

Alia Misthaven

Aug 12, 2015
go to Zaltanna and check for quest . . .