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The "pink" has left my Dandelions ;0

Sep 11, 2010
I KNEW that was too good to last ... ;)

Pink Dandelions used to propagate themselves by dropping pink dandelion seeds. Since the upgrade, they are only dropping plain dandelion seeds. And they are not being "stingy" about it either ...;)

I have harvested over 50 dandelion seeds from 12 pinks in the past few days. Hope this changes when the crops go "elder" ...

Can plain dandelion seeds be "dyed" at the Dye Shop? lol XD.

Is there a Transmute (Pick a Color) Dandelion Recipe in the works? ;)

Are Bazaar quantity limits for Plain Dandelion seeds going to increase? If my garden is any example, we will need six, maybe seven figures to start, ... mebbe we ought to just go straight to the logrithms - skip all that comma nonsense and just bang out the exponents ... LOL!!!!

Oh, and how much we going to CHARGE folks for taking all those plain dandelion seeds off their hands at the Bazaar?

There's got to be a "new badge" coming out for this right?

"The Mick Jagger Dandelion Buttoneere" ... ?

Dandelion don't tell no lies ...
Dandelion will me you wise ...
Tell me if she laughs or cries ...

Go away Dandeeeeee-lion!!!!!
OR ... are we going to "Saganize" the Dandelion Market ... "There are BILLIONS and BILLIONS and BILLIONS of ... dandelions in the Spiral ...".

Eric Burden making a guest appearance on The Spiral following Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber?

"Bitter wine ... Take that guhrllll!!! Come on! Come on!"

There is just too much fun to be had here, folks.

'Course, ... I guess the 60's had to be REALLY good to you before you can appreciate it ... :O ... loltmhfo.

Sep 11, 2010
28 pink dandelions went elder since the previous post.

Harvested 28 of 28 pink dandelion seeds ... so the self-propagation is still working ... we just aren't getting pinks during a sub-elder harvest anymore ... the bad news????

Almost ALL of them double dropped a regular dandelion seed IN ADDITION to the pink dandelion seed. Was interrupted during the harvest and lost exact count, but confident the number of regular dandelion seeds double harvested was at least 16 out of 28 and may have been as high as 24.

Planted 32 of them ... no bulb refills needed so far ... don't expect to need any either. Such a simple plant to care for. Pollination and rank 1 bugs.

Got PAGES of them left though ... could start a new social pastime ...

"999,999,999,999,999 dandelion seeds on the wall ..."

Might go "viral" ...