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Suggestion - Custom tab for gardening.

Sep 12, 2010
I have a suggestion for a custom tab for gardening. Maybe the ability to right click any of the items and then add to custom tab.

Ultimately I bought a ton of skills that I will NEVER use and won't make the mistake to buy in the future but now my skill bar is all cluttered up.

Here is a list of all the ones i will never use and bought to date.

Streaming Sunlight - too small a radius to be worth the point cost with the mounds as far apart as they have to be you can't get more than one or 2 in there and this would only be 6 points and not 8.
Brilliant Aura - Area size is great but too many points as I never have enough plants that need sun at any one visit to warrant its use I would need at least 5 plants that need sun and always have less.
Bee Team - Same as Streaming Sunlight
Bee Swarm - Same as Brilliant Aura
Bold Magic - Same as Streaming Sunlight
Grand Magic - Same as Brilliant Aura
Flute Duet - Same as Streaming Sunlight
Flute Ensamble - Same as Brilliant Aura
Revive - not worth the point cost just plow and start fresh no plant has yet to provide me with such great things I have felt a need to revive it rather than just planting a new seed.

Really all I use is the mounds (which since I have my optimal configuration I don't need to see daily) first ranks growing items e.g. growing rays, mist, worker bees and whatnot and then the pest killers.

With all this being said you can see why a custom skill tab would be nice to use because no tabs contain just the things I would use.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
I find I am using the larger spells as I get to understand gardening more and more. I can get the 8 mana spells to cover 5 sm plants, and up to 3 large plants by just planting the correct pattern and plants. The 15 mana spells can cover almost your entire dorm room, or a huge number of plants outdoors. Just cluster.