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Some Fresh New Plants To Garden With!

May 06, 2009
I'm a pretty avid gardener and I love all the puns. But for sometime now, I've sort of seen it all. I'd love it if Kingsisle could give us something new and fresh to add to the ol' garden these days. So over the years (Yeah, I've been here long), I've thought of a ton of new plants I want to share. I will not tell the Needs of these Plants I'm sorry. I will only tell them if you guys really desire them:

Knock-Out Roses
-A thorny plant with beautiful red flowers...and a hard boxing punch to match!
Rank: 7+
Likes: Goose Tree Dislikes: Stinkweed, Blowing Raspberry Bush
Requires Medium Soil
Psss...there's a new Thorn reageant with this one!

-A lovely bush, with an Aztec twist. Just look at the pyramids on top!
Rank: 8+
Likes: Key Limes Dislikes: Stinkweed
Requires Medium Soil

Private Privet Hedge
-I'm sorry but that's private information.
Rank 6+
Likes: Fickle Pickle Dislikes: Stinkweed, Laugh-o-dils, King Parsely
Requires Large Soil

Blowing Raspberry Bush
-This plant has a delicious scent, but a terrible spitting problem
Rank 7+
Likes: Laugh-o-dil Dislikes: Stinkweed
Requires Large Soil
New Waspberry Snack can be had from this spitty friend!

Weasel Snouts
-Weasel Snouts pop out of three purple flowers; sniffing for something good
Rank 2+
Likes: Snap Dragons, Dandilions Dislikes: Stinkweed
Requires Small Plot

Blue Bonnets
-Don't mistake it for your hat! That's a plant!
Rank 2+
Likes: Baby Carrots Dislkes: Stinkweed
Requires Small Plot

Cobra Lily
-This snakish plant, is very good at luring in unwanted pests.
Rank 8+
Likes: Tiger Lily Dislikes: Stinkweed
Requires Medium Enchanted Plot
Grasshopper Pest Rank 6 bug this guy

Butter Cups
-Cups of Butter any one? They're very sweet!
Rank 3+
Likes: Honey Sickle Dislikes: Stinkweed, Snap Dragons
Requires Small Plot

-Please don't forget my name...or to untie my knots!
Rank 4+
Likes: Fickle Pickle, Desparagus, Blue Bells, Blue Bonnets Dislikes: Stinkweed, Baby Carrots
Requires Small Plot

Blue Bells
-Well I'm a plant that's blue and jiggles like a bell. Enough said.
Rank 5+
Like: Bell Peppers, Trumpet Vine Dislikes: Stinkweed
Requires Small Plot

Wild Flowers
Please, untie our chains...so we can maul you! AAHH!
Rank 6+
Likes: None Dislikes: Stinkweed
Requires Medium Plot

Sun Flower
-Need Sunglasses? By the way, the weather up here is nice
Rank 7+
Likes: Snap Dragons Dislikes: Stinkweed, Moon Flower
Requires Large Plot

-I have big eyes to see the stars
Rank 8+
Likes: Moon Flower, Celestial Celosia Dislikes: Stinkweed, Disparagus
Requires Small Plot

Celestial Celosia
-Can I read the skies for you?
Rank 9+
Likes: StarGazer, Moon Flower, Clockwork Flower, Sun Flower Disklikes: Stinkweed
Requires Small Plot

Wisteria Tree
-I'm from Wysteria! I'll take over your garden! Yay!
Rank 10+
Likes: None Dislikes: Stinkweed; All other Plants
Requires Large Plot

-Gone with the Tomato Wind
Rank 10+
Likes: None Dislkes: Stinkweed
Requires Large Plot

Jan 21, 2011