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Simple gardening ideas

Jan 11, 2012
We should have options for:

1) Plant All
2) Harvest All
3) Tend All

Now of course, this would depend on if we:
A) Had enough seeds of that type to plant in every spot we had
B) Had enough energy to Tend with all options
C) Had enough open slots in our backpack to harvest everything (yes, I know things will hit our bank, but if we're going to get this benefit, then we should be able to maintain properly our backpack)

Also, I think that all rewards should stack. So if we get 17 seeds from our plants, we shouldnt have to click 17 times, but once, if we get 5 of a treasure card, we should be able to click once not five times, etc. This would in NO WAY unbalance the game nor speed up the actual growing time for any of the seeds. it would simply speed up the planting/harvesting of the seeds

Jan 11, 2012
and also, when you level up in gardening, your energy should be replenished. After all, when your Wizard levels up, you get both energy and mana refills, so it's only fair that when you level up gardening (and your pets) we should get a free refill of energy