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Silver trumpet vines

May 31, 2009
I just harvested about 8 silver trumpet vines and got several braided vines and a pearl and that was it, no amber. I have been planting very hard for amber but as of yet after many, many, many, plants at elder, no amber to speak of. Not least one amber and this is on two accounts with many plants. I think the game is pulling our leg when they say amber is out there.
They just need to do away with the amber regent, or make it possible for players to get it if it exists. I guess when my white tiger lily's get elder this will be the truth in the matter since the best chance to get amber was with white tiger lily. I only have a few planted as they are hard to come by, but if they are hard to come by then the drop should be extra easy to get. The white tiger cost 6000 in gold, how many can you afford to buy?
I bought six, this was 36000 in gold, lot to pay for a chance at amber, and if amber doesn't drop, it be the last tigers I buy.

Jul 04, 2010
silver trumpet vines do not give amber at elder.
the plants that amber are white tiger lily, red bell pepper, king parsley, deadly ninja fig and red huckleberries.
white tiger lily as the best chance to drop amber at elder.

Mar 04, 2012
Wow, another original post about not getting amber with gardening. It is a shame that KI has not gone out of their way to tell everyone which plants give amber - wait, they have. It is a shame there is no way to look up the items each plant drops - wait, there are places that have that as well. It is less than fascinating that you are unable to get amber from silver trumpet vines when amber does not even appear on their loot table at all.

To make it easier for you, and all the other people who still can't figure this out, here it is spelled out again in as simple language as possible. There are five plants that are listed as giving amber: deadly ninja figs, king parsley, red bell peppers, red huckleberries, and white tiger lilies. It can also be purchased using arena tickets from Brandon Mistborn in Wizard City, although at a price of 5000 tickets each, it may take longer than gardening. From previous posts from KI, white tiger lilies have the highest drop rate. However, given their cost and lack of regeneration, it tends to be easier too use King Parsley to get the drops. You will need to plant a lot of them, likely an entire large area, meaning about 20 to 40 plants. Doing this should get you about an amber every week. While King Parsley are in theory crown seeds, they do have creature drops and they typically give additional seeds before final harvest. The extra seeds eventually make good pet food but you should not have to spend any crowns for it.

Sorry if this is too harsh for you, but this perpetual whining about how it being difficult to get a reagent that is supposed to be rare needs to come to an end. Especially when people, including the game representatives, have essentially spelled out exactly how it can be obtained with minimal effort compared to other rare items in the game.

May 22, 2009
Silver Trumpet Vines do not produce amber. Here is a list of a few of the plants that do produce amber.

King Parsley
Red Bell Pepper
Deadly Ninja Fig (this plant can be bought in Nordrilund)
Red Huckleberries
White Tiger Lily

I personally have had better luck getting amber from Deadly Ninja Figs and Red Huckleberries than other plants.

May 31, 2009
I have seen the list that the game says drops amber, it has changed, some plants are there then they are not, so I am going under the idea they all must drop Amber, otherwise game needs to make clear what plants drop amber. In my previous post I ask game if frozen fly trap was removed from list cause on second posting it was not listed, also other plants were not listed on second posting when they were listed on the first post, so I just Ignore what game says and ask in hopes of getting clear information. From the first post we were told that the vines would drop Amber, Silver trumpet being one of those plants along with frozen fly trap, now both are no longer dropping it? Then maybe all the plants should drop it.
The idea of just not trying for something that isn't there is sounding like good sense to me. If none of the plants I am planting that were on the list is not dropping amber then maybe it is time to stop Gardening. It is looking like game doesn't know what drops or doesn't drop.