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selling crown seeds

Jan 18, 2013
I was wonder if there's a way to sell crown only seeds for gold [I know I cant get crowns] I have alot of them stock piling and would to sell them if possible and not feed them to my pet. Thanks, Nightwolf

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Yes, it is possible, just go to any Housing Vendor or Gardener and you'll be able to sell them for gold.

Jan 18, 2013
Thank you, sorry for the late response. Nightwolf

Jul 26, 2013
I was wondering if you could give your seeds that say no auction to friends like treasure cards. I have a friend who needed and Ultra Elephant seed to make a fire mount and that is all he needed. He couldn't find one and didn't know where to farm it and I couldn't remember where I got my drop. I don't use those seeds, I usually quick sell or feed them to my pet, it would be good if we could give them or sell them to your friend for gold.