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School Specific Gardening Spells

Jul 12, 2009
I just got like the best idea omg omg :-o

What if each school had their own gardening spell? I thought of some that i wanted to share.

Life- Of course being all about living and life, the life spell would be called green house. It would look like sanctuary, however it would go over all the plants, preventing them from dying. This would be useful if you know you will be gone for a long period of time an wont have acess to wizard101. However, all needs will still accumualate. You will need to be a grandmaster gardener to be able to use this spell.

Death- Death's will be called punish. It puts a bubble over all of your plants that automatically kills any level of pests that attack your plants. You will need to be a Grandmaster gardener to use this spell.

Myth- Of course, Myth's forte being minions, theirs will be called Gardner Minion. Original, I know
This minion will stand by your plants and radomly water, sing, and give your plants magic. Good if you will be away for a while. *Grandmaster Gardener required

Balance: Growth spurt- Plant growth will speed up by about 15%. *Grandmaster Gardener required.

Storm: Thunderstorm- Summons a storm cloud over plants to electrecute them, giving them the power to kill pests, the storm will also countinously rain, preventing thirst.

Ice- Ice age- Plants are frozen for a set amount of days, nothing will happen to them when they are frozen.

Fire- Hot sun- Increases the heat of the sun, eliminating the need for sunlight, while the humidity waters the plants, also pests die from the heat.

Well, thats all I have. Happy Spell Casting Everyone!

~Mason Silvergrove, Legendary Life

May 25, 2009
So awesome! This would make gardening even more diverse and exciting, and I would be really grateful if this was added!

Mar 11, 2010
Not portraying in a way of offending. I like. Although, they have to check if it is from any source besides your idea.