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Removing the plant

May 31, 2009
Why do some plants do well while those along side them progress to dead? I planted 4 same type plants , I took care of their needs and didnt fail to take care of all the plants. While one stayed healthy three progress to dead. So now I have only one out of the 4 plants to care for. My thoughts are they had no reason to progress to dead. Each plant was taken care of and yet they went down. If I had brought them up to healthy again, they would probably just go down again very soon.
I planted 12 plants same type , took care of them every day. Yet 5 from these 12 went to progress to dead. If needs are taken care of then why do they progress to dead faster than others?
Instead of Bring them back up, I will remove in future because it is just an added care that should not be. They have no reason to progress to dead while those around them are healthy. Their needs are all taken care of, there is no reason.

Jan 21, 2010
you did kill all of the bugs... there should be no pests flying around your plant after you garden.

a green pixie is not a pest

How many hours do you have between gardening sessions? More than 12 will probably result in dieing. You may need to tend your plants before work as well as after work.

you do know that not all plants need water... If the plant does not have a water icon above it then watering it will not do any good.

the need magic icon is a white sunburst and the need sunlight is yellow

Jan 25, 2009
I've had this happen too, but later I realized I had placed my Stinkweed near the plants, and a few of them just happened to be in its range. I had no idea the effect was that bad, but when you let a disliked plant next to another plant for longer than 12 hours, I'm pretty sure they'll die. I ended up making a garden of disliked plants so that I could garden both. Hope this helps!

~ HamroGirl