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Question about Gardening Likes

Apr 19, 2010
I have planted an evil magma pea seed (manly for its mega snacks) and I looked at its likes and I noticed it likes Dylnama Drum (I spelled that wrong) . Now for my question, does it have to be right next to the evil magma pea seed to grow faster, or does it matter

Feb 26, 2012
The "likes" have a range of effect that seems to be about the same as the large area of effect gardening spells.

Aug 20, 2011
Anything that a plant likes needs to be within about 6 medium plot distances from the plant you are growing (except for the Red Barn Farm).

So, your Djembe Drum, Egg Basket, and Garden Gnome need to be somewhat closeby, but not right on top of your target plant. If you have a circular garden, as most do, you only need one of each item. If your garden is quite wide or dispersed, you will probably need more than one.