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Purple Snow Apple bugged!

Apr 29, 2009
Wanted to check out the new Purple Snow Apple seed drops so I planted one, remembering that it had likes and dislikes written out as you hovered over it. Says it likes Frozen Fly Trap and Evil Snow Peas...not the case after you plant it with those two seeds. So far, it just likes gnomes. What's up with this glitch?

Feb 24, 2009
Its a bug. I think its because they contradict each other.
What I mean:
They set Evil Magma Peas as a dislike
Evil Snow Peas as a like
They put magma peas first in their box of info, so the magma peas isnt affected by the snow peas contradicting it. But the snow peas are afterwards in the box, so it is contradicted. They fall in the same category of "Evil Peas" so thats why. But yes, it is bugged and annoying. Probably to be patched in the next update.