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problems with new 15 gardening spells

Apr 29, 2011
Hello I am a lvl 95 wiz and lately i have come across new gardening spells from barley
who sells spells that fulfill a plants needs for 48 hours but when I cast two diffrent spells wind chimes and monsoon they cancel the effects of one anther and I have no Idea why shouldnt both spells be active
plz fiz KI

Aug 03, 2012
I noticed that too. If I cast one 48 hour spell and then another, the first spell gets cancelled.

Jun 13, 2010
I am having the same problem. I bought monsoon, bee hive and wind chimes so I wouldn't have to feed my evil magma peas daily. Yet one day later they need all three types again. I had hoped that it just looked as if the graphics were just disappearing, but now know that it is not working to use them all at once. This is disappointing to say the least.

Nov 27, 2009
I think they may be bugged, because I see some inconsistent behavior. I have several plots of King Parsleys, and my first experiment was to cast the sun one (solar flare) on a group that already had dragonflies (along with the rest).

well, the next day they didn't need sun (solar flare worked) BUT they had all sorts of pests, so clearly the solar flare removed the dragonflies (as the animations seems to indicate).

However, I then did the reverse, first casting solar flare, and THEN casting dragonflies (I had given up at that point, and decided anti-pest was more important.). Oddly, this morning not only were there no pests (and the dragonfly animation was present), but that group also didn't need sun, while the rest did.

I'm wondering if the need prevention spells cancel out the pest ones, but not the other way around? Strange.

Frankly, the entire thing is disappointing. I had expected these new, expensive spells to work together, and frankly can hardly see the point otherwise. What plants only have a single need? If I have to go back to take care of needs A, B, C, and D, is it really that great to have need E taken care of for a couple of days? I hardly notice.

Unless these spells are adjusted to properly stack, so you have a hope of actually preventing ALL pests and needs for a while, given enough energy, they simply aren't worth the trouble, and I'll stick to the pest prevention ones.