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prickly bear cactus or fruit bushes

Apr 10, 2012
pbc may give mega pet snack on a regular harvest, but the mega pet snack is the worst mega pet snack you can get. cornbread fruit bush takes a long time to elder, but its very hard to get its likes so it might elder slower than pbc. pbc has two gardening needs, while cornbread fruit bush has one.pbc can attract pixies, but corn bread fruit bush cant. cornbread fruit bush has a better chance of getting a really good mega pet snack, but you have to plant less because it requires a large plot. corn bread fruit bush gives golden wheat bread, while pbc gives glowing star fruit or crab apples.

in my experience, you can only plant 2 bactes of each, while still fitting in the area. so the max is 50 pbc and 26 corn bread fruit bush, before running out of enery. also, i'm not sure, but pbc can give the seed of their seed more often than corn bread fruit bush.

could you guys tell me which is the best to plant for mega pet snack

Feb 24, 2009
Just a note for you to know, you can fit 36 Large plots in one circle.. Requires plant stacking though
You can fit 69 PBCs in one shot. (Plant stacking again)

If you have any Pink Huckleberries, ditch both and plant it. Let them die halfway to elder, (wilt not hit dead) and keep getting the seeds. Plant any deadly helephant ears. They give a rank 8 mega at elder and ALWAYS reseed. The rank 8 mega is guarrenteed. I would plant Evil Magma Peas if you can though. Those give rank 9 megas at elder and always reseed.

Apr 10, 2012
thanks, but where to i get pink huckleberries besides alavlon

Nov 16, 2010
ericgao21 on Aug 28, 2012 wrote:
thanks, but where to i get pink huckleberries besides alavlon
Red Huckleberries?