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Plants wouldnt mature

May 31, 2009
I had about seven red Grapes of wrath and I took care of them for several weeks every day doing what was needed. I missed one day and when I came to game these Grapes were on progress to dead, after all the time and effort I put into them they just wouldnt mature, so I deleted them. I am talking about two to three weeks every day attending them and they just wouldnt mature, miss one day and they are on way to dead.

Something is not right. Anyway I have other red and purple Grapes on my other wizards and they are not reaching maturity. I give them to end of the week and delete them if they dont show movement to mature.

Gardening has changed, It isnt like it was, I got 3000 XP on my death elephant ears, leveled my wizard twice on three plants. I am level 8 and have not been gardening but for three weeks. Gardening has gotten weird.

I am constantly told my BP is full and times it isnt full I am told it is full anyway. Anyway not griping here just saying I have noticed a change in Gardening, Plants seem to never mature and go on way to death rather easily.