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Plants That Give large gold or mega snacks

Sep 22, 2012
Hi I was wondering what seeds give mega snacks and or gold? If you do know list them below under big amounts of gold or mega snacks. Thank you!

- Kaitlyn Startlame

Sep 17, 2012
Couch Potatoes are the easiest to maintain plants that always give mega-snacks. You can get them from any of the mob creatures in Grizzleheim - Savarstaad Pass. They give a Fancy Yogurt (+50), Captain Cantaloupe (+45), or Golden Wheat Bread (+40) at elder harvest. They also give good high rank snacks and treasure cards at every harvest that can be sold for a lot of gold.


Feb 05, 2011
Prickly Bear Cactus is a good one to start with. You can buy them from Charley in Krokotopia by the pyramid.

May 06, 2009
Like Seethe42 mentioned, Couch Potatoes are easy to manage and grant good mega snacks at Elder. I would also suggest getting Fish-on-a-Vine's. At Elder, they can give either Crab Apples or Crab Knight Cakes. Deadly Helephant Ears and Evil Magma Peas give a wide variety of Mega Snack packs. From my experiences, the Deadly Helephant Ears are a little easier to get if you're not looking to spend Crowns. Finally, Maelstrom Snapdragons have a chance at giving Mystic Dragonfruit at Elder, but are not guaranteed like the previous ones I mentioned.

Good Hunting!

Sep 22, 2012
Ok, Thank you guys that is such good information!

Aug 11, 2013
my friend is a level 17 gardener. he swears by the Magma Peas...alas the magma peas are crowns only to buy. Still they give...Yogurt I think he said. He's been farming so much he's got like a hundred of that particular mega snack. 100 of another. Forget which snack though. The prickly bears if you don't mind spending gold vs crowns[I'd prefer to spend the gold frankly] as already mentioned give crab apples. couch potatoes give canteloupes...hang on there's a link I'll toss you. for this forum. this has been covered before.


Connor Thunderstalker.