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Plants need more endurance

Mar 28, 2009
It's getting frustrating to go away for a weekend and come back to find sick plants (Wilted but with zero progress to Dead), which once given what they need, recover to the Immature stage (not fair!).

Please adjust this so that Mature plants recover to Mature, even if the Harvest timer resets. Not all of us can be on twice a day to swat flies and give TLC.

Jul 09, 2009
Something needs to be changed. Unless I play every day, sometimes twice a day, by the time I come back to the game, all or most of my plants are dead. That means that if I want to garden at all, I have to make sure that I play every day. A lot of players are adults with responsibilities and cannot always find the time to play every day. It would be nice if the plant life-clock only ran while a player is logged on, so we don't feel obligated to play when we really don't have the time.