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new gardening spell ideas, Mass plow ect..

Jun 28, 2013

I had this subject in the dorms, but I think that all the Gardening enthusiast mostly come to this section.
So I put a copy of the message here. And since I wrote this I have went up to level 18 in gardening.


As a
Legendary Gardener, I have done my garden over from scratch a few times.
I know KI likes to imitate life in some aspects of the game to make it more interesting.
Here is my idea:
From time to time, I have decided to change my garden around. When I do this, I sometimes plowed every single old plot to start fresh. This can get long and boring.
In real life, there are machines to do this work, right?
Why not have a spell that will either plow all, or a section of your garden?
I am sure the programmers can come up with many ways to accomplish this and still make it very fair.
for example:
Full plow: plows all your plants or plots and empties your energy
(once for the plants and once for the plots, just like the single spell)
Area plow: just like the bug spells, doing an area and costs 25 to 30 energy.
This can save a lot of long and boring time, yet is totally fair.
I am also thinking there could be some sort of Mass harvest or Area harvest?
Please consider these ideas.
Thank You,
Mark Dragonleaf L60 Storm, L16 Legendary Gardener
Mark Dawndust L60 Balance, L16 Legendary Gardener
Mark Shadowleaf L23 Fire, L13 grandmaster Gardener