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my ideas for plants

Apr 23, 2010

Hey i have some plant ideas. my wizard's name is Alexandria Thunder, a level 23. i have 12 ideas. here they are:
1. pet-unias. its a flower shaped like a horse, bunny, cat, dog, or any other kind of animal.
2. toad stool. its a toad sitting on a stool.
3. lazy daisy. its a daisy sitting on a couch watching tv.
4. sun flower. its a flower with a sun in the middle.
5. fox glove. its a fox admiring his glove.
6.jack-o-lantern. its a lantern with a face. 8)
7. rat-ish. its a rat growing out of the ground.
8. milk weed. its a bottle of milk with weeds growing around it.
9. call-me-flower. its two flowers that have phones and they are saying wawawawawaaa in high voices.
10. fire-cat flowers.
11. thunder snake flowers.
12. toe-may-toe. its a tomato with huge toes.
I hope you like my ideas!

Mar 13, 2011