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my hypnotized dandelions

Oct 05, 2010
this i just thought was kind of cool its not a big thing or anything its just funny. i have a krok pet in my dorm who walks around like he is on the red carpet all of the time right in front of my pink dandilions. and now, i noticed that the plants heads follow him wherever he goes! its like they are hypnotized. and because he walks back and forth, it looks like the plants are watching a tenis match. i think that this is super cute ( especially because the krok pet has his chest in a pouting position and it is like he is in a fashion show). but what about you? what odd behaviors do you notice in your plants ( or pets)?

May 26, 2009
Haha that's funny!

I have a venus fly trap that turns his head whenever I walk around my dorm room. It's really scary, and my little brother got so freaked out. He was like "uh... what's wrong with your plant?" lol

Oh yeah, I also have 10 pets set loose in my dorm room. Whenever I exit through the door, they start running towards me! Weird....

Feb 16, 2009
For some reason, my Sunbird pet who stays outside my castle loves the Bread Fruit Bush I recently matured. Every time I go home, Lucky is either INSIDE the plant, or just staring intently at it. It gets funnier every time I go there!

Mar 04, 2009
That would because plants face towards the nearest creature.(or in the desparaugus's case, away from) This includes pets you may have romeing around. So if you and all you pets were moving, then the dandelions would be rapidly spinning to faces the closest one.

Nov 24, 2009
yeah, my pink dandelion watch my ghoul as he walks around its funny and cute