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Maelstorm Snap Dragon Dieing

Aug 24, 2009
So I've made my way in a few months up to the point where I can plant level 8 plants. I have a big garden at this point but am having problems with some of my plants. The worst of these, BY FAR, is the Maelstorm Snap Dragon.

I do understand that the difficulty on this plant is about as high as it gets, but I don't feel the expectations are realistic.

My setup is such that I have a very tightly packed garden. Because of that, my Maelstorm Snap Dragons are displaying the following likes:

Fly Traps

There are 3 pixies in the immediate area on top of the other plants it really likes. In addition, there are no dislikes. At night before I sleep I tend to my plants. This consists of me removing all pests and needs from all plants. I go to sleep and wake up about 8 hours later. During this 8 hour window these snapdragons, and sometimes other plants, DIE. It happens over and over again.

I also forgot to mention that I've used the treasure card to protect against Rank 1, 2, and 3 pests for 48 hours. This has been in effect when the plants die. (I do understand these plants get higher level pests - but I'm trying to make a point that there is NO WAY in this game to take care of them better than I am, other than persistent attention.)

How am I supposed to live a life at the same time I raise difficult plants in this game? It does not seem as if requiring a player to log on more frequently than once every 12 hours, much less once every 8 hours is a reasonable expectation.

Please help.


Jun 10, 2009
I have seen alot of posts like this, it isnt supposed to go that quickly. I had 2 Maelstrom ( thats how its spelled) snap dragons, and i didnt log on for 3 days, and when i got back they were nearly at Elder! It is a very odd glitch indeed, especially because it is only supposed to wilt if your off too long. Dont tend to it and log off AGAIN, and then it will die. KI this is a really really odd problem can someone tell me whats going on?

William Crowthistle Legendary pyromancer

P.S. this has never happened to me. I have just read alot of posts about this

Nov 07, 2010
I've had a white laffodil wilt twice now. Never really had a problem with Maelstrom snaps. Mind if I ask what castle you're growing them in? Doesn't seem likely that it matters, but who knows?

Aug 24, 2009
I'm growing them in the Mooshu castle. I forget the exact name.

I'm also thinking there must be some sort of bug occurring. I know that the plants would not be designed the way they seem to be functioning.


Nov 07, 2010
I've grown them without issues in the big MB place and island getaway. I am having the same problem with white laffodils with what souds like the same conditions.

Apr 30, 2010
It dies too quickly. I only got one harvest out of it and then it died! I check on my plants every day when I have them. (I go back and forth pet training for a while then gardening for a while.)

Dec 21, 2009
Depending on how much space and energy you have, It's best to grow Maelstrom snaps with just them and a few of their "friends" close by. I try and plant three of them in a row, and then pretty much line the edge of the garden with Pink lion-things. Maelstrom snaps are one of the five most finicky plants in the game (plus Silver trumpets, Fiery Boom Shrooms, Frozen Fly Traps, and Deadly Ninja Figs). The best part though? It's still not impossible.

Jul 27, 2009
my maelstrom snapdragon lasted a long while.
my regular snapdragons would be half was to maturity
then the next evening i got on ingame
they would be elder and ready to die

so i got only one harvest from them ..

got any explanations?

Dec 24, 2010
I have this issue with silver trumpet vines and boom shrooms. It's flat out ridiculous. I should not have to log into the game 4 times a day to tend plants. I get that sometimes plants die for no reason, but lets get real. KI you introduce gardening but don't tend to the problems. Maybe the game should wilt and whither too.

Gardening is the only thing left that keeps me renewing my subscription.