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Large Targeting Circles Broken If Using Pots!

Feb 22, 2011
Hello KI, a fix or at least a >>>Response!<<< would be nice.

Small potted plants seem to be bugged when you have a full circle of 64 pots and its very , very frustrating to most all of us. Is this going to be fixed? When? Are you even aware of it? A full circle of small pots does not get serviced by a large targeting circle anymore. Not only that, even casting multiple times often doesn't work as the same plants get missed on a second cast. This has got to be a bug. Its frustrating a ton of players, even though you don't see as many of the complaints as you might otherwise as many people dont like to post on forums were the have to wait a day to see their post, and then wait another day to see a response even from other players.

It doesn't "feel" like working as intended to me. Because all along everything in the circles got hit, and when i say all along I mean all the way through leveling gardening for me personally, as i'm a newer player and have no clue if this was ever a problem in the past or not. To change that philosophy (everything in the circle, on the ground at least) seems strange and arbitrary to me. It could be intended but that's my inital thought. It also just seems crappy from a "fun" standpoint to have to put all that together and then find out that targeting circles don't really work so to speak. I try to look at it from a less 'hardcore' player standpoint. (even though myself am a fairly "serious" player) Now if they wanted to add an interesting feature to the game, they could make spell circles have a "failure" rate, in a way were only a certain number of plants in the circle get hit, maybe up the maximum gardening level by like 10 levels, and have the max level have very reliable circles while the lower levels have less reliable ones.

Also , even though many people are rich, it does cost more to setup plants in pots, its not the same as somehow just "exploiting" a lot of plants into one circle.

Having said that, we are just sort of spinning our wheels here. If we want any hope of a real answer we need to (second choice) submit a ticket (third choice) post on the forums, do both (first choice) Now i still think most people will not get an answer, but companies do respond (eventually) to pressure from customers, even if that response is just an answer about what is going on or if they are even looking into it.

1. Put in a ticket
2. Post on the official forums
3. Do it again if theres no response within a week or asking for some kind of update/response so if your feeling aggressive.

This should be fixed with the next major release.