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Item Count makes Outdoor Gardens small?

Jan 06, 2011
So, here is something which I suspect is unintended. I have the WC small house. The total Item Count outside is 50 and inside is 150. This means I can have an absolute maximum of 25 plants outside and that is with no landscape items) trees, statues, etc... While inside I can have a garden twice the size and with plenty of Item Count left available for more things. All this really takes is a lot of Pots and you can now get infinite small pots if you have an open Wizard Slot.

It just seems a bit odd to have a larger garden be possible by converting your house into a green house than you can by gardening outside. Anyone else feel this is just a bit odd?

(On a related note the limit of 50 exterior Items feels pretty cramped even without gardening... And who is ever going to use close to 50 pets slots both in and outside of that house? If you are going to lump gardening in with normal Items how about doing the same with Pets and bumping up the counts to 100/200 or 150/150?)