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Is gardening worth it?

Jun 11, 2010
One day I was at my Imperial Palace and I noticed that it looked a little bland outside. I thought, maybe I could start gardening. Then I think "Yeah, when my subscription runs out!". So is gardening actually worth it? Here's my scenario:

1. I would only check on them once or twice a day.
2. I do have access to Krokotopia and Marley Bone. Around half way to MooShu. I'm at NewGate Prison
3. I want to get to a high enough level so I can plant my Evil Snow Peas.
4. I like cheese.

Ignoring the cheese part, do you think gardening would be a thing I could invest my time in. Also, during the year I will probably only play on weekends unless we have the day off or something at school. Would my plants die? I don't want them to die (that is if I plant them)!

Nov 17, 2010
you can reach grandmaster gardener either way, with high level plants or low level ones. of course it will take longer with lower level plants do to the xp you get between them, but its much easier to take care of them.

if you are not going to check them often, stick to mid level plants, cause the high levels will form more problems often vs lower levels.

i personally dont garden anymore after reaching top level, i just dont seem to have need for it, i can find all reagents faster than what a plant can produce it.

Jul 05, 2009
I suggest finding some spells that can protect them from pest for 48 hours or so. But yes they would die in a week. I suggest wait till summer vacation from school. Also plants can give rare reagents and some other plants. Wait its is summer so go ahead and plants 8)