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May 29, 2012
Couldn't they make when you have a plant that haves are kind of food, Why not harvest food to eat and gives health. I mean like there's different kind of ranks. I think there is a plant with corn on it. I'm not sure. I'll have to garden a little more. Only Rank 7. But i mean like a lot of MMO's have that. Rank 1=100 Rank 2=200 Etc. That would be neat, Yea the thing is why waste your money and playing games to get it. Why not eat Veggies, Fruit, And other things. That would make everyone want to garden more, Cause a lot of people like low levels that need to do hard things for them. So if your at Big Ben and you forgot to get health. Only 256/1984 Mana 12/78. They had corn from early harvest. He's a high rank in gardening and eat it and get health. It would be a good test realm. Like just a practice to defeat Foul-Gaze you could go to your house real quick and harvest a plant. And teleport back to your friend. How easy instead of going to Wizard City and buying it or playing games. Everyone would be interested in gardening then. Plus the money and XP. I bet way more people would garden. I'm interested in gardening. But a lot of people don't. I'm not saying i don't, But other people just dislike it for an opinion. Sort of odd for me cause i think it's fun. Thanks for reading.