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Ice Blades

Mar 28, 2009
Feb 24, 2009
Ok, first off, before you go posting this, can you please use wizard101 central or wiki first.

http://www.wizard101central.com <-- Wizard101 Central Link
http://www.wizard101central.com/wiki/ <-- Wizard101 WIKI Link
I am such a nerd for memorizing those, lol, ANYWAYS;

If my memory serves me correct, honey sickles produce these. I do not recall blades being craftable.
I will be back in a minute, using wiki to verify this in a new tab!
Ok, found it, few clicks, found it!


I will tell you the harvests though, cause I am that nice of a person 8)

Fickle Pickle
Honey Sickle (I WAS RIGHT)
Evil Snow Peas
White Tiger Lilies

Hope this helps!

May 22, 2009
jhsbear wrote:
Is there a recipe, or a plant that produces them?

Yes! The white tiger lily plant gives ice blades as rewards. They are rare though because they are higher rank and also give a mega snack at elder. You can sometimes get the seeds from drops in The Helephant Tower and in Mirror Lake. Every so often a few come up for sale in the bazaar.

Although not positive, the evil snow peas may give ice blades as an award.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 70 Life

Jun 09, 2010
Evil Snow Peas are easy to take care of and give lots of ice blades. My ice has a nice garden of them going constantly.

Their likes are the gnome, dragon skull (may not be exact name, but it's the big dragon skull) and snowflake obelisk. Probably a plant or 2 that I don't use because these likes keep them growing well enough for me.