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I have some gardening woes

Sep 14, 2010
Vanessa Sparkleweaver, Level 25, rank 4 gardener

I have a small garden and it was doing just fine, despite me logging in only twice a day to tend for it because I am too busy to play at the moment. Then these rank 3 bugs move in on one of my yellow dandelions. Now, he's orange. I would buy the pest spell but it costs 5,000 gold, which I don't have :( So I was wondering what is the best way to quickly get gold up for my garden so I can kill these pests before they spread to the other flowers?

Also, where are the garden npcs at, krok and WC I know but what about the others? Does GH have one?

Feb 24, 2009
There ain't any need to fear, The answers to all your woes are simple.

First off, the most efficent way to make money is to collect loot from bosses and sell them at the bazaar. DS and CL gives loot that sells for high amounts.

Finally, The other Vendors for gardening are located in MS and CL. there is no MB, DS, nor GH vendors.

Hope I helped (i also hope you make a lot of cash for yourself )

Daniel Wildhunter, Master Pyromancer

Aug 15, 2009
i know that there are people to get gardening spells from in krok and mooshu.
The one in krok is near the big pyramid and the mooshu one is near the place to play minigames.
To get money, I sell my pet snacks at the bazaar b/c i never play with the pets.
Sell clothing or wands or other stuff that you don't need and you will get a lot of gold! :) hope this helps!

Sep 14, 2010
you did but what is this bazaar? I havent advanced in the game enough to know what that is, or if I have I havent noticed it, I am just wrapping up krok, working towards krockopatra (sp?) and tryed to do GH but found the monsters a little too hard when I was 22, so I went back and finished it. I was doing fine until the stinkbugs moved in, work on the garden, then level on the weekends. But I guess I outdid myself there cause I gardened more than I leveled to where I cannot handle the high level bugs :(

May 27, 2009
The Bazaar is located near Gloria Krendell in Olde Town in Wizard City. If you are finishing in Krok, you should be getting some good drops to sell there. Selling at the Bazaar gives you more gold (*for most items) than selling at a regular shop vendor. For quick gold, go through your treasure cards and sell some of those that you'll never use.

Sep 14, 2010
Willowdreamer wrote:
The Bazaar is located near Gloria Krendell in Olde Town in Wizard City. . .

oh him! I've gotten some good things from him like my hat (good for a noob like me) The afflicted plant is almost to elder and I want to harvest it at least once. Thanks so much for telling me how to do it, I never stopped to consider going to the bazaar to sell stuff.

LOL, love the animation. Thanks a bunch for all the info! I'm going to sell off all my other unneeded stuff and get the other spells for the next batch too. Now, I just hope I dont have to get the level 4 and 5 pest spells before this batch is gone, cause then I won't be able to get them since i cannot go to ML yet