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Hydra Hoard Pack Energy Gear

Sep 24, 2011
Can someone tell me how this is FAIR??

Since I can't post images, I'll write down the stats of each piece of gear

Pixie's Mask of Encanta (Lvl.100)

  • 400 Health
  • 13 Energy
  • 10% Pip-chance
  • 30 Critical
  • 10% Death-resist
  • 10% Incoming healing boost

Pixie's Mask of Encanta (Lvl.80)

  • 290 Health
  • 16 Energy
  • 6% Pip-chance
  • 40 Critical
  • 20% Death-resist
  • 8% Incoming healing boost

I just want to point out that these are the same hat, from the same hoard pack, just at different levels.

Everyone knows that this hat (Encanta set) and Greendwarden's, and any other energy gear is sought after for just that: Energy.
Therefore I do not understand, and I refuse to understand, why a lvl80 item has more energy than a lvl100 item. It's not just that. Most of the stats (or at least semi-useful stats) in this gear aren't as useful in their lvl100 form as they are in their lvl80 counterpart.

KingsIsle, explain this to me. OR FIX IT!

~Give me Energy or give me DEATH!!

Sep 17, 2012
This started at level 90, it dropped to 12 from 16.