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Help! How do you harvest the plants?

Jan 11, 2011
I can harvest 2 plants but i dont know how to do that. Can anyone help me out please before the plants die?

Both the Update Notes at https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/updatenotes/december2010 and the Player Guide https://www.wizard101.com/guide have full instructions on Gardening, young Wizard.

How do I Harvest?
Only plants that have reached the Mature level can be harvested. Plants that have needs or bad pests cannot be harvested, so make sure you take care of your plants first! Once they're free of needs or bad pests, simply close your Gardening panel and approach the plant. A "Press X" option will appear and you will harvest items from the plant! Once a plant has reached the Elder stage, it can only be harvested one last time before it disappears.