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hatching a plant.

Jun 17, 2012
I think it would be really cool if you could hatch a plant for better harvests and gardening experience. and there could be a plant hybrid. so for example, if you hatch evil snow peas with king parsley you could get like, evil snow parsley. he could be light blue. instead of green. and there could be evil magma parsley.(evil magma peas and king parsley.) instead of green he could be red.
and also you could combine the same plant to get 2 or 3 times better harvest.
so for example 3 headed snap dragon or 2 headed snap dragon, mega stickweed (2 or three stink weed), depressed desparegous.
I could probably think of much more.
this is another one of my ideas for the game.
Justin firethief level 81