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Sep 01, 2009
I've noticed something odd. I will be in the middle of harvesting with the garden menu closed, and suddenly, I cannot harvest; I have to open the garden window and click on the plants. This gets fairly annoying, especially when I am harvesting a large plot. Is there any explanation for why this happens? And does it happen to anyone else?

Thanks-Erin Ice Weaver

Jul 04, 2010
it is probably because you are not close enough to the plant to harvesting them

Oct 22, 2011
It happens a lot to me on one of my wizards who has a lot of gardens. It's a program glitch. What I see is, I'll be harvesting, then suddenly the plants would disappear for a second. When they come back, I'm unable to harvest anything until the glitch happens again, or I go to the wizard character screen, come back, and port to my house again.

If this happens again, go to the plant you can't harvest. The name of the plant will be different, which is why it can't be recognized.

Jul 30, 2012
I have also noticed this recently. At first I thought it was some computer lag issue. But subsequent times I hung around, opened/closed various menus, etc. But harvesting ability would not continue. It doesn't happen often, but when it does I have ported away and back again to continue the harvest.

Jun 08, 2013
The reason is harvesting counts as gardening so harvesting without the gardening is the glitch.

Jun 20, 2010
I am having the same problem with harvesting I will be harvesting and then suddenly it won't let me click the plants anymore. And no my bag is not full and my TC are not full. Sometimes if i log off and on again it will let me click them again. But sometimes I have to wait a few hours for it to let me harvest the rest. It's very annoying as I am farming for amber lol. I am sure it's a glitch and I imagine KI will fix it. Right Proffesors?

Destiny deathflower

* Not sure I quite understand what you said slimehypnotyzer47. I am not able to harvest ever at all while I am in gardening mode? I have always had to go to regular mode to harvest.

Dec 20, 2010
Leaving that area of your house (whether you go inside and come back out) or port away from your home entirely and then port back will usually allow you to continue the harvesting.