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Handy little energy preservation tip

Mar 13, 2011
Hi ho. If anyone hadn't noticed, the spells to prevent pests for 48 hours can cost you more energy in the long run if used on higher-level plants.

If you use the spell, your higher plants are protected from rank 1 and 2 pests, sure. However, that will guarantee that if they get a pest they will be rank 3-5 pests, causing you to need to use more energy than if you had to exterminate only a rank 1 or 2 pest.

It just happened to me the other day. Checked the plants that weren't protected, and one of my Maelstroms had a rank 2 pest on it. Only 10 energy, thankyouverymuch.

On a side note, I have yet to get any snacks from the Maelstroms, even at Elder. Yet I keep getting low-level snacks from the Prickly Bear at every harvest. What gives? :-(