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Growth Chart?

Jun 23, 2016
I was wondering if there is any charts available on during various seeds take to grow based on size of area, or other items like pest spells etc...

Any help is appreciative as I am starting to learn about gardening.

Jul 06, 2012
Hi there,
Gardening is a way to get many cool items such as gold, treasure cards, furniture, regents, etc
When I first started playing the game many years ago, I too was also confused about gardening. Here are the basics:
1. When you have a seed you have to make sure you have the required things for it. The seed will tell you what size plot and if the plot needs to enchanted.
2. The plant wil go though 4 stages of life; seedling, young, matured, and elder. In a sense this is kinda like a chart.
3. The plant will tell you what it needs. A "symbol" will appear over the top of it
4. Your plant can get pests. There are five ranks of pests.
5. You can harvest a plant multiple times until it gets to elder, Then You can harvest one last time before it disappears
6. In order to get spells for your garden you have to buy them with gold. Speak to the mole in Golum Court.

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